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Platinum/Palladium Workshop With Mark Nelson

Advanced Platinum Printing and Precision Digital Negatives ( Click For Details )
October 10 -13, 2015

In this exclusive workshop with Mark Nelson, master printmaker and photographer, explore the Platinum/Palladium process, one of the most beautiful printmaking mediums ever created. The extremely long tonal range of this process gives prints very subtle and delicate tonalities that surpass any other hand made print. This four-day workshop provides participants with a complete experience of creating digital negatives from start to finish. The focus will be on workflows and techniques that produce a variety of types of prints that will give your portfolio a stunning signature look. Mark will teach you how to combine analogue and digital methods that maximize tonalities—actually producing more tones than possible when printing inkjet prints. No prior experience with platinum/palladium printing necessary. Requirements: laptop with Photoshop installed, images to print, a thumb drive, reasonable understanding of Photoshop. For further details about this workshop click  here

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